Preparing for Your Event

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Event Checklist

Here are some common situations related to supporting your event, informing your guests, and checking them in when the big day arrives. These are things you should do in advance to help everything go smoothly.
Informing Ticket Buyers
Even if you have a web-site or social media page, try to keep the information as up-to-date as possible on your public event page too. This is especially helpful for multi-day events and festivals as you book performers for different days and time slots. Often, this isn't all settled until after you've started selling tickets, so update your event details as often as you need to to keep them current!
Tickets Fulfillment Options
When you published your event, you selected options for ticket fulfillment. What you chose then will determine how you'll check in guests at the event.
  • Print-at-home tickets are attached to the email as a PDF document. Guests print out the tickets and bring them to the event. You can scan the ticket barcode, or "tap" to check in these tickets.
  • Mobile tickets display ticket information and a barcode right in the email. There's no need to print anything; guests can just show you the ticket on their phone. You can scan the ticket barcode, or "tap" to check in these tickets.
  • Will-Call doesn't send the guest a ticket at all. You have a guest list, they show up with ID, you take it from there... There are no barcodes, so you'll either need to "tap" to check in from the mobile dashboard or use a printed list.
Guest Check-Ins
Before you start checking in guests, make sure you have these covered:
  • Special guests - have you issued complimentary tickets to performers, roadies, vendors, the press, etc?
  • Mobile devices - do you have one for each check-in station?
  • Chargers and cords - especially for events in remote locations, will you be able to recharge all your devices when you need to?
Once you start checking in, you have several options:
  • Mobile Dashboard - works on any mobile device with a browser. You can access the guest list and check in guests as they show their tickets. With an Android device, you can use the camera to scan the barcode on the ticket, or just "tap" to check in. On iOS devices you can scan tickets only from Apple's Safari browser, and manually check-in guests from other browsers.
  • iOS Check-In App - for iOS devices only, and best for smaller events (less than 1,000 tickets) you can either use the camera to scan the barcode or tap to check in guests. Install on your iOS device from the App Store. If you have used the app for prior events, be sure to check that you have the the latest version.


  • Printed Guest List - if you prefer, there's always the print option. The mobile dashboard offers several formats for guest lists. Pick the one you prefer and send it to your inbox to print in advance.
  • Wristbands - If you are issuing wristbands to guests as they check in, make sure you have enough for all your advance-sale guests, plus day-of-show sales, plus performers, vendors, press, etc.
Mobile Service at the Location
Especially for events held off the beaten track, such as music festivals out in the boonies, verify the availability and quality of your mobile carrier's service well in advance. If you don't have good service, you may need to resort to printed guest lists for check-in. Also remember that once a good portion of your guests arrive, they will be using their phones, and the quality of your service may degrade as the local cell tower gets maxed out.
Authorizing Volunteers & Assistants
If you plan to have multiple check-in stations, you may need some assistants to handle it all. You can use our Multi-User Access features to set up an account authorized to check in guests, but with otherwise very limited privileges and access to your data. Make sure to set up that account in advance, and test it to make sure it has exactly the capabilities and access you intended.
Ticket Sales at the Door
If you want to sell tickets at the door of the event, you have a few options:
  • Normal online sales with Mobile Ticketing fulfillment. This allows buyers to purchase from your event page as normal. The mobile ticket will arrive in their inbox, and they can show their phone to gain entry. You can set this up in the Event Wizard in the TICKETING section.
  • The Purchase-at-Door option for your event allows you to run the mobile "pay station", and either take cash or enter credit card details from last-minute ticket buyers as they arrive. You can set this up in the Event Wizard in the PAYMENTS section.
  • Printed Tickets are another great option for this. Order a print run to match your needs. They can be sold both in advance and at the door. You can set this up in the Event Wizard in the EXTRAS section (desktop only).
Customer Support
We're here to answer your questions and help you make your event a success - but don't wait until the last minute to call! If you need help, call early and avoid the stress of dealing with problems while your guests are starting to arrive.